Jun 292009

29-06-2009   Mounted the last guy wire at the EME system.
26-09-2009   Ordered a cable for the microkeyer to my yaesu FT1000mp Mark5
25-06-2009   Bought a (second hand) microkeyer for my 50mhz station.
20-06-2009   Worked vp2mrt and 8r1db for two new dxcc on 50mhz
17-06-2009   Replaced dipole for 160m and 80m.  Worked tm5sn for a new dxcc on 50mhz
10-06-2009   Replaced the tx coax from the 50mhz yagis. Also changed mounting off coax to the tower.
09-06-2009   Build an SW20 qrp tranceiver (local club project)
04-06-2009   Installed the new coils in the tunimhg unit for the vertical and aligned 80m.
03-06-2009   Worked 4o3a for a new dxcc on 50mhz

01-06-2009   Today I renewed the radial system for the vertical.


I will ad some more radials.

I connected the radials to the copper ring.

I made a copper ring en connected it to the base plate.

Apr 302009

30-04-2009 Thomas PA1M and implementedand tested  some new hardware for the vhf conetest.

25-04-2009 Went with Thomas PA1M to a shortwave listener and helped him with repairing his antennas.
One antenne will be repaired here and put back later.

15-04-2009 Made four new cables to connect a 4 way divider 144mhz pa for pi4gn.

10-04-2009 Made the gying of the eme system stronger. Replaced the temperary ropes by  metel guys.

03-04-2009 Made auto tracking working with the Green Heron tracking program and the Green Heron rotor box (only azimuth)

02-03-2009 Worked  5Z4EME for new 144MHz DXCC

01-04-2009 connected the 144mhz pa to the new eme array. Wkd BX1AD for new dxcc on 144MHz EME.

Mar 312009

31- 03-2009 Removed the beverage antennes.  In oktober they will be set up again.

30-03-2009  Made a better chuck for the elevation of the eme array.

25-03-2009 Aligned the azimuth rotor from the new eme system. Received first eme stations with the rebuild antenna.

23-03-2009 Strong winds made the system elevate 12 degrees.  Have to make a better chuck.

22-03-2009  Finished the cable work and aligned out the antennas. Changed  the actuator.

21-03-2009 With help from Jan we put the antennes back in the H frame.

20-03-2009 I rented a skylift for the weekend.

19-03-2009 Bought new coax cables for the updated EME system (the old ones are now to short)

18-03-2009 Jan PA0VAJ, Thomas PA1M and myself have set the constriction in uprigt position.

17-03-2009 Painted the new EME construction and put it back in the small tower.

16-03-2009 Jan PA0VAJ welded a new construction.

15-03-2009 Starting the rebuild of the crashed moonbounce system. The system crashed late September. It will be rebuild with a few changes.