Oct 162010

This morning i was at pa3cee his station and replaced a broken preamp at his moonbounce ststion. I took it home and will try to repair it.

Oct 012010

After lots of trying I have my touch screen up and running as second screen. The touch function was only working when used as main screen.
The service at ACER is a disaster. I had to find it out myself, no help from ACER, they didn’t know how to do it.

Sep 032010

I cranked up the hf towers and did some work at the 80 and 160 meter dipoles.

Aug 232010

Peter PA4PS was here and brought the monitor supports he designed and welded for me. The Microham mk2r is now above the middle monitor and the watt wattmeters are under the middle monitor nicely in front off me.