Dec 212010

Bought a 2.5 kW generator.

Dec 202010

After I have tried several things to get CW Skimmer running on the 144 MHz computer I gave up and installed the program on the computer that belongs to the VHF-UHF desk. I redirected the coax cables to that desk en now it is working again. To connect the CW Skimmer open a Telnet session on you computer and then type:    o 7300.
Note! The o is from open not a zero!!!

Note: In Windows 7 Telnet is not standard enabled. Follow the steps below to enable it.

  1. Go to Start
  2. Select ‘Control Panel’
  3. Go to ‘Programs And Features’
  4. Go to ‘Windows features on or off’
  5. Check the ‘Telnet Client’
  6. Press the OK button

Now you can start Telnet via Command prompt and use in shortcut.

In het Nederlands (Dutch)

Noot: In Windows 7 de Telnet cliënt is niet standaard beschikbaar om het systeem veiliger te maken. Volg onderstaande stappen om Telnet aan te zetten.

  1. Ga naar Start
  2. Selecteer ‘Configuratiescherm’
  3. Selecteer ‘Programma’s’
  4. Selecteer ‘Windows -onderdelen in- of uitschakelen’
  5. Zet een vink voor ‘Telnet-cliënt’
  6. Selecteer de OK knop

Nu is Telnet beschikbaar en kan het via start worden gebruikt en in een handige snelkoppeling op het scherm.

Dec 192010

From Jan PA0VAJ i got a nice 50 ohm resistor to build a dummy load with. At qrl I found an old barrel of about 30 liters. I solderd the resistor with copper on the bottom. After that I mounted a connector at the top and it’s finished. Have to fill it up with oil and 1500 watts must be no problem.

Dec 182010

Sinsce i upgraded the skimmer computer with a new motherboard i have  problems with Cw Skimmer. When i start skimmer it starts decoding but after a while it stops decoding signals.

After consulting a few hams there are some things i have tried. Pete N4ZR told me to take care that there are now energy savings that are active in the computer. Dave K1TTT suggested that the power of the usb hubs is not enough to let the sdr-iq run.
So I have to order an external usb hub and see what happens then.

Last days I have be rebuilding my remote antenna tuner with was in a plastic box outside. I have made it in a metal box and tested it. I have to make de adjustments and then this project is ready.

Dec 172010

I have had surgery on my eyes.
So last two weeks there was not much radio here. I have done some things but at a slow rate.