Oct 232016

The problem tower is repaired. The flanges did not fit. This was a mistake made by the tower builder.

Adriaan PD4AK cut a few flanges from the tower and welded them back in a correct way. Now everyone fits and I can mount the ring and the rotator and bearing plates. And off course the rotator itself. The tower can turn but the top yagi can also turn.

Repaired tower

Repaired tower

Adriaan PD4AK (right) with the rapaired tower.

Adriaan PD4AK (right) with the rapaired tower.

Sep 182016

Today Thomas PA1M was here and I climbed the south west tower to remove the  safety wires I had mounted around the rings before we lifted the tower.


After that we rolled out a 380v cable and connected it to the tower. Then the moment was there to see how the tower would behave when we turned it for the first time. We found the rings has a glitch on the same point.

So I have to climb again and see close to the ring is behaving on that point.

Aug 272016

Today Thomas PA1M was here to help with lifting the first antenna in one of the towers. It is a 7 element Optibeam. It is one of the smaller antennas. This one will be stacked with the C31XR from Force 12. The Force 12 Yagi will go to the top of the tower. We lifted the yagi with a tramline. Something we never did. So it was also a practice to see how this is working out.

Connecting the ropes to the tower


Antenna lifted with a tramline to the tower.

Connecting antenna to the tower.