Dec 062012

The 27m high 160 meter vertical was not performimng as it has to be.
I disconected the relay box and made a few changes.
The wire from the coil to the vertical went trough an open hole in the box. I changed this and made  a Pl comnector on the box. When I was running more as 200 watt the swr became sky high. I asked Jan PA0VAJ to see what happens while I was txing. We where ready very fast. The pl connector was smoking….
After that I removed the pl conecotor and conected  the coil to the vertical with an inner part of an rg213 coax kable. I made it a bit water proof so it will last this winter contest season. Next year ever thing will change and the I wil build a better box.

Nov 262012

I participated in the contest. Did a lot of search en punce.
I made 1051 qso’s.

Nov 212012

Today I went up the tower to switch the six meter system from two coax lines to one coax line.
I thought I could do this job in about 15 minutes. At the end it took me more as two hours. I tried to loosen the coax which is going to the six meter yagi from the relay box but there was no movement at all I went down to the shack to get more tools. I tried hard but still no movement . Then I decided to remove the swivel form the connector and pull the coax out and mount a new connector. So I did.  After that I already was cold and decided to finish the job and remove the preamp and the relay box today. The only two things still up there now are the revive line. I taped it well and I can use this one for the new 7oMHz yagi which I will put up there in spring next year as I remove the C31XR HF yagi which will go to a new tower.  The 12v switching cable. is also there but taped it also and will remove it in spring.

Nov 202012

After a discussion with well known 6 meter dxer Johan Minnema PF7M I decided to go back to one coax line to my six meter yagi. The last years since I have a preamp in the tower I always had two coax lines and a coaxial relay on the top of the tower. The switching was not as good as my to meters system. On two meter I switch in the correct order. On six meter my pa saw sometimes very short a bad swr.  So I decided to change to simple. One line! No preamp anymore.

First I have to bring back the FTV-1000 transverter back to one output. This is now finished. I switched the coax relay at the tower to the tx position and tried it. It is working fine.



Oct 302012

I uploaded the logs from PA1T and the clubstation PI4GN.
For Pi4GN I have uploaded only the VHF UHF SHF logs.

If you need a paper qsl sens a card via the buro or direct.