Sep 122012

This will be the new towers. They will be placed in the land next to the house. If all goes well building starts in March 2013. The towers will be build by Simo YT3M.

Sep 022012

During the weekend PE9DX, PA4PS, PD0Z and myself participated in the IARU 2 meter contest as PA1T.

We made 563 qso’s and 199223 km. The points go to PI4GN

Aug 252012

Today I connected the TS-2000 to the Radio Boss from Green Heron. I struggled with the 13 pins connector on the back side of the TS-2000. Receive audio was no problem, transmit audio was. At the end I found out that the audio only goes through the radio if you put pin 9 of the 13 pins connector to ground (TX). My mistake was that I Tx-ed with the foot switch connected to the front connector of the radio. I thought transmit is transmit but that’s not the case….
Now I can use WSPR to study propagation on HF and 6 meter.

Aug 242012

I bought a small Prosistel PST 51. It had a potentiometer problem, so I replaced it. After that I connected it to a Green Heron rotator control box. It took me quit a time to align the rotor to the box, but at the end I succeeded. I have given the rotor a new color and it is now ready to go in a tower soon.

Aug 132012

I had a broken KR 600 on the shelf and I repaired it today.
The motor axis was turning but the gear was not turning.
I opened the motor and found that the Hexagon socket screw was become loose.