Feb 232018

One of the three crank up towers had a problem. The head unit witch falls into the top section of the tower has two places where it is bolted together. One of them broke. I temporary fixed it. Now I can tilt over the tower and repair is defiantly.

Mounted a temperary threaded rod to the tower.

The top of the threaded rod in the connection on the head unit. See the hole where was the prevuous connection.


Sep 172017

Today Jan PA0VAJ and Thomas PA1M where here to help to lift the bottum 20m =yuagis in the south west tower. I mounted a tram line to the wower and a pully with a rope to bring the tower to the tower.

Antenna going up with help of the tram line and a pull line.





Sep 012017

I started to build two 5 element Op-Des yagis from Innove antennas for the 20m stack.
The yagis have a boom off  9,4 meter.