Oct 162014

Voor mijn nieuwe HF station zoek ik Cellflex 7/8 inch (29mm) en 1¼ inch (39 mm) coax kabel.
Ik zoek vooral langere stukken van 25 meter en meer. Indien je nog iets hebt liggen dan graag mail naar pa1t@xs4all.nl





Sep 282014

In the field next to the south west tower will be two cabinets. In one of the cabinets will be the double ten switch for all the antenna switches work and in the other will be the relays to turn the towers. I still had some long runs of switching cable and one long run of coax. I ran them to the tower to measure the exact place of the new closets. In the background the cranes that are working on the dikes.

2014-09-28 12.16.07

The end to for the towers

The end to for the towers

Aug 302014

Peter PA4PS was here to help me to mount the vertical poles of the H-frame.
This is not the head unit I used for the last years. This is the very heavy system that was mounted in the versatower in 1997 and then carried the six yagis. The yagis I used then had a spacing of 4.4 meters and the yagis I’m using now use 3.65 meters spacing. The blocks used for mounting the poles had to move, and that was a very hard job. In the end we succeeded.


vertical poles mounted

vertical poles mounted


Jul 282014

Today I dug a groove for the first 15 meter of PVC pipes for the coax cables from the new shack to the hf towers is in the field.

one pipe for coax and one pipe for switching and internet etc.

one pipe for coax and one pipe for switching and internet etc.


View to the field

Jun 182014

I made a mould to check if all the flanges from the towers are fitting correctly to the tower bases.
Two of the four towers are on the ground and checked if sections are fit together correctly. There are some problems with the . The guy ring bearings. They do not fit correctly on to the sections. The builder of the towers is now looking for a solution.