Mar 202014

Yesterday Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ helped me to bring the tables from the old to the new shack.
We discussed how to set up the 3 tables and the equipment on an ergonomic way. The HF table is the first te be set up with the equipment. This it how it looks for now. I have to find space for two more Green Heron rotor controllers. Now I have found the right set up I can wire all the equipment together.
I will do the same for the two other desks.

HF table

HF desk


Mar 172014

Today I started to dismatel the old shack. I have made picturers of the back side of the equipment. This will help to reconnect all the different boxes again to each other.
We will also document the new situation.


Feb 212014


Hi I am in need of this connector. I need a chassis part and a connector.
It is for an EV700X elevation rotator. Is there anyone who knows where to buy these?


Jan 052014

Now the renovation of the house is close to be finished I have begun to restart the radio hobby. The past half year there was nearly time for radio, so lots of projects are on the list. I have moved the moonbounce tower to the field and the antennas have to be mounted and cables be connected. The most time consuming project is the erection of the four new towers and the building and mounting off the new HF antennas.

Also also a big project is the moving of the shack from the barn to the house.
I am glad I will have the shack in the house and on ground level. So radio is nearby ll the time!